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Is eating healthy really more expensive?

By May 25, 2021No Comments

On a daily basis someone gives me the excuse that living a healthier lifestyle just costs too much for their budget. 

Believe me, I get it. It seems that way. But…

When I first started my health journey, my husband had been out of work for months. We had 4 young kids. And we were broke! Our savings was depleted. There was no money left.

I quickly learned:

1️⃣The packaged processed foods were what were destroying my food bill. Fruits and vegetables in season were cheaper than the packaged foods. And so much more nourishing and healing.

2️⃣Lunches with fruit and veggies for my kids were cheaper or the same price as lunches with packaged food.

3️⃣Removing toxins cost me nothing.

4️⃣Making my own hand soap or laundry detergent, saved me money.

5️⃣Using vinegar and lemons for cleaning, saved me money.

6️⃣Water was so cheap compared to all of the store bought drinks, and none of those were needed for my healing.

7️⃣Vit d from the sun was free.

8️⃣Walking outside cost me nothing, but time.

9️⃣Learning how to not stress so much, was completely free.

????Getting good quality sleep was important for my body to reset and detox. That didn’t cost me anything but time.

▶️????????And our medical visits went from multiple visits a year to maybe at the most 1 a year. This saved me more money than anything!

If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, there is a way to do it, without even changing your budget.

Living a healthier lifestyle does not mean buying everything organic. That would be ridiculously expensive. 

Living a healthier lifestyle, means incorporating nourishing ingredients into your life, whether that is relationships, food, beauty products, sleep, stress, etc.

**Prices are from Walmart or Costco**

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