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Is Living Healthy Only for the Rich or Elite?

By May 12, 2020No Comments

I hear followers say, this way of living with better choice products is only for the rich and the elite. My response:

That is not true. I personally know, because for 13 years I have lived this way. And in those 13 years, we’ve been in dire financial situations, multiple times. We once started a business that tanked. We lost our savings, retirement, and basically anything we owned trying to make it work. But that didn’t force me to have to eat unhealthy or use endocrine disrupting beauty products or fill my home’s air with toxic chemicals.

But what it did make me do, is the following:

Re-budget some of my expenses.

I didn’t have the budget for the store bought better choice laundry soap. So we used baking soda for years.

I didn’t have the budget for the brand name better choice cleaning products. So I used vinegar, lemons, and baking soda.

We didn’t have the budget to eat out. So we didn’t.

I didn’t have the budget for a gym membership, so I picked up running outside.

I didn’t have the budget for supplements like probiotics and vit D, so I ate fermented foods and spent time outside each day.

I didn’t have the budget for prepackaged meals. So I had to learn to cook more meals from scratch.

I didn’t have the budget for prepackaged breakfast foods. So we didn’t buy cereal or prepackaged oatmeal. I learned to buy oats in 50 lb. bags and flake our own oats. This saved us so much money!

I didn’t have the budget for prepackaged fruit snacks or granola bars or cookies. So we found new snacks, like an apple, or piece of toast, or making our own cookies.

I didn’t have the budget to buy all organic produce. I still don’t. But I love buying from farmer markets or co-ops, where I know how they grow their crops.

Making those changes allowed me to keep my food budget for things that I thought were of priority: buying grassfed meat, organic milk, and lots of fruits/veggies.

We are still on a tight budget today… try raising multiple hungry teenagers who are active in sports. They love to eat ?. So just because one makes better choices, this does not classify them as rich or the elite. It’s for any economic situation.

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