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More gut health ideas, but remember…

A healthier lifestyle is not a change everything at once approach!

It’s make one change at a time approach!

It’s also learn a little, then learn some more.

So this post is simply to teach that besides foods there are other things that affect your gut.

If you’re ready to move on past food, great!

If not, learn a little here and do more when you’re ready!

If you’re ready to clean up your water, here is some research.

????????BPA in water and the gut- 
“Extensive research has shown that BPA is a reproductive toxicant, a neurotoxicant, and an obesogen, likely due to its affinity to multiple hormone receptors in the body.”
“BPA induced microbial alterations are found to increase oxidative stress, which is a trigger to inflammation.” (1)

????????PFAS in water and the gut-
Have been found to suppress the immune system, which is part of the microbiome. (2)

????????Heavy metals in water and the gut-
“Arsenic exposure suggests that the altered gut microbiome may play an essential role in the development of atherosclerosis.”
Mercury exposure was associated with altered metabolism of some vitamins in the gut.
Lead exposure reduced the diversity of gut microbiota and altered the metabolism of many pathways, including vitamin E, bile acid, and nitrogen metabolism in animal studies.(1)

????????Glyphosate in water and the gut-
Both glyphosate and various glyphosate-based herbicide (GBH) formulations alter the bacterial makeup of the gut microbiome in animal studies.(1)

-Side note, if you cannot sleep well, there is an underlying root cause. Those supplements are suggestions but work with your doctor!

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