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What do I mean?

Grains are a superfood with so many health benefits, eat them daily. Grains are hard on the digestive system, stay away from them.

GMOs are bad for you, don’t eat them. GMOs are just fine to eat.

Count your macros to lose weight. No, count your micros to lose weight.

Meat is bad for you. Meat is good for you.

Organic is healthier, so it’s worth spending a little more on. Organic does not mean healthier, so it’s a waste of money.

And we wonder why there is so much confusion in the health industry ???‍♀️ .

Here are 2 tips:
1️⃣The answer usually is a combination of the two voices.

When soaked and sprouted, grains can be an amazing source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins and more. Grains sprayed with certain herbicides, stripped of their bran, processed, and mixed with a quick yeast can easily cause digestive issues.

Some gmo foods are ok. Other gmos like corn, sugar, soy, canola, and cotton that were created to survive when sprayed with glyphosate are not the best choice.

Watching your macros like fat, protein, and carbs can help with losing weight. But the micros of the food that contribute to your inflammation, insulin levels, and hormone balance play a huge part too.

Non organic, non grassfed, or farmed meats every single day, isn’t the best. But the CLA in grassfed meat does have health benefits.

Organic processed foods without artificial dye, artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives, HFCS, glyphosate, and more is a better choice than it’s non organic counter part due to unnecessary chemicals. Are some organic herbs, canned foods, and produce healthier when organic? Not necessarily.

You get the point? Both sides can be right, BUT you have to apply the statement to the correct info.

2️⃣Listen to you! Do your own research and trust your body and instinct. Your body is miraculous and the best doctor for itself. You know what feels right or not. For instance, my good friend knows msg triggers her migraines. So no matter who says what about msg, she avoids it.

So next time someone says something that seems extreme to you, maybe correlate the info to the statement they are saying.

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