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????????Magnesium can also be found in spinach, leefy greens, flaxseed, chia seeds. (But didn’t picture those above. Swaps didn’t really exist ????)

Magnesium is AMAZING. 

It may be a missing puzzle piece to your health issues.

-is used in every cell to function
-regulates neurotransmitters in the brain
-modulate the GABA activity in the brain
-some forms can cross brain barrier
-manufactures our steroid hormones (estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, testosterone)
-normalizes progesterone
-helps with the detoxification of the liver
-co enzyme needed for estrogen detoxification (this is huge, for those with estrogen dominance)
-helps regulate the pituitary gland
-activates vit d
-improves bone health
-allows calcium to be broken down and used in the bones and not sent to the arteries
-regulates cortisol
-relaxes cramps
-relaxes muscles
-plays a role in blood regulation
-makes insulin receptor more sensitive
-reduces oxidative stress
-can lower inflammation
-digests food
-is involved in making stomach acid
-is involved in ALL DNA repair
-needed to make our digestive enzymes
-is important for constipation
-supports the HPA axis
-supports the immune system 
-help prevent obesity genes express themselves
-helps digest macro nutritents
-helps to absorb protein and carbs
-can relieve stress
-can help people sleep 
-regulates the hormone melatonin
-and of course the list goes on and on. More can be found on my podcast on magnesium.

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