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Male Hygiene Products

By November 12, 2020No Comments

Just like my last post (female version of this if you missed it) I ask… who is studying the cumulative effect of using all these ingredients in multiple products, multiple times a day, and for multiple days or years?

??In a Danish study, 5 types of parabens were found in men including methyl- and n-propyl, and two parabens were found in the men’s semen. In animal studies, parabens have been shown to lower testosterone levels.(1)

??Environmental Defence (Canada) did a study on men’s personal grooming products and found that out of 17 products:
-10 contained fragrance (phthalates) which are linked to male hormone disruption
-5 contained chemicals detrimental to reproductive health
-4 contained probable human carcinogens
These hormone disrupting chemicals (and endocrine disruptors) are linked to health issues like sperm damage, obesity, prostate & testicular cancer.(2)

These ingredients can alter hormones, contribute to inflammation, contribute to health issues, and over burden the liver.
If you’d love to see some great men’s hygiene products with ??ingredients, I have a Men’s Guide you can purchase or I have a men’s section on my website under Favorite Beauty Products.


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