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????Father’s Day/hygiene ideas????

Slide 1 – body wash
Slide 2 and 3 a repeat from yesterday, because I think weeks down the road it will be hard to find those slides for others to use as reference ????????

I have to admit, until a few years ago, it was next to impossible to find better choice men’s hygiene products. 

They were rare to come by.

Now the money speaks!

More and more companies are creating men’s hygiene products without the carcinogens and endocrine disruptors ????????????????

We now know better!

When you know better, do better!

We don’t need anything else contributing to cancer. We don’t need anything else contributing to hormonal issues, nor autoimmune issues!

Doctor after doctor that I interview on my podcast talk about how these environmental toxins are contributing to our health issues.

If your husband, boyfriend, partner doesn’t want to buy better choice products for himself, gift them to him on Fathers Day or a holiday!

And just FYI… many of the brands listed above have both a liquid body wash and a bar soap. Just didn’t want to duplicate all of them 🙂

This is not a complete list. Other options out there too!

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