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Men’s Aftershave & Better Choices

By February 4, 2020No Comments

?Beauty products – Men’s aftershave

We’ve been talking about women’s beauty products, but let’s not forget about the men in our lives! They use hygiene products too!

According to the EWG, men use about 6 personal grooming products per day.(1)

Environmental Defence (Canada) did a study on men’s personal grooming products and found that out of 17 products:
??10 contained fragrance (phthalates) which are linked to male hormone disruption
??5 contained chemicals detrimental to reproductive health
??4 contained probable human carcinogens
These hormone disrupting chemicals (and endocrine disruptors) are linked to health issues like sperm damage, obesity, prostate & testicular cancer. (2)

Blue dye is another common ingredient in after shave. Many men shave daily so their skin is absorbing this dye day after day. “Blue dyes can seep into the bloodstream when the skin’s barrier is impaired, like after shaving…” It was found that the blue dye inhibits cell respiration. (3)

Many women buy their husbands, sons, boyfriends hygiene products. Out of all the men’s hygiene products, aftershave is the one I’m most concerned about since the “skin barrier is impaired” after shaving. Choose a better choice after shave for those men in your life!

Do you have a better-choice favorite aftershave? Let me know what you love in the comments below!

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