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Items in Your Pantry – ?Muffin Mixes?

Yes, homemade muffins are the best choice, when using good ingredients. But, many people due to the convenience and lack of time, may reach for a muffin mix package instead. So when purchasing a muffin mix, ask yourself these questions:
❓Is the wheat sprayed with glyphosate?
❓Is it bleached flour?
❓Does it contain folic acid in the enriched flour? (those with the MTHFR gene have a very hard time processing folic acid)
❓What type of sweetener does it have?
❓Is there high fructose corn syrup?
❓What type of oil is being used?
❓Is there gmo corn in it? (Corn starch, maltodextrin, corn syrup)
❓Are there other gmo crops in it?
❓Are there artificial flavors?
❓Are there artificial colors?
❓Are there trans fats?
❓Are there hormones or gmo by products in the cream?
❓Are there artificial preservatives in it?
❓Does this actually taste good ??
Remember you don’t need to give up your favorite items, just try to buy a better choice made with more real food ingredients.

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