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My Birthday Dinner

By November 12, 2020No Comments

?Birthday dinner? – (these are the recipes I promised in my IG story)

In our house, as I’m sure in many homes, whoever is having a birthday gets to choose every part of their birthday dinner.

I choose the same main dish every year.

Grass-fed steaks. That’s pricy. That’s why they are a special occasion dish.

Why 100% grass fed though?

100% Grass fed beef:

1️⃣Grass fed beef is what people have eaten for thousands of years. 100% grass fed beef is from cows who have lived and grazed out on their pastures, as they were meant to do
2️⃣Contains CLA: conjugated linoleic acid. Grass fed beef contains double the amount of CLA than grain fed beef
3️⃣Contains 5 times the amount of omega 3s, than grain fed beef. Remember our omega 6 to omega 3 ratio should be a 3:1 ratio and the average American’s is 20:1, contributing to inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of many health challenges
4️⃣Has more antioxidants, and even contains cancer fighting antioxidants like glutathione 
5️⃣Elevates the carotenoid precursors for vitamin A
6️⃣Has more vitamin a and vitamin e
7️⃣Has a higher amount of cholesterol neutral stearic fatty acids and less of cholesterol elevating fatty acids like myristic and palmitic fatty acids.
8️⃣Has not been fed glyphosate sprayed gmo soy or gmo corn

Just fyi… organic does not mean grass-fed and grass fed does not mean organic. Organic means the cows were not given glyphosate sprayed gmo soy/corn, antibiotics, or growth hormones, but they can eat organic grains. 100% grass-fed means they were out on their pasture eating their greens (therefore, not soy or corn). It also means no growth hormones. Many grass-fed are organic by nature as well.
What’s your favorite birthday dinner?

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