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My Non-toxic Bathroom and Bedroom

By November 12, 2020No Comments

?Rooms in my house ?
I get told so many times… I wish I could just see what products you have in every room of your house that help you live with fewer toxins.
So I decided to just post for you different rooms within my home and what products you would find there ?.
BATHROOM – Beauty/hygiene products:
I try to avoid…
Formaldehyde releasors
Artificial dyes

I don’t love that phthalates and parabens can be endocrine disruptors (like women need anything else messing up their hormones). And formaldehyde releasors can be carcinogenic.
And why some of those items in my BEDROOM?
Those are the 2 books on my nightstand right now. I love reading before bed. And magnesium is something I take every night, so that sits on my nightstand too. And I put 2 sleep options that I like to use over melatonin.
Tomorrow I’ll post items in our bathroom for my husband’s products, what’s in my boys bathroom, and my teenage daughter’s products.
Remember these are DEFINITELY not the only good items out there. Thankfully today we have such a better selection of better choice products!
And remember you don’t have to change everything at once. It actually took me years! I knew I needed to make the changes for my health, but also knew it wouldn’t work if I got overwhelmed.
What are some of your favorite bedroom or bathroom non toxic items?

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