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My Teenager’s Bathroom

By November 12, 2020No Comments

?Rooms in the house ?- my teenagers bathrooms
Beauty products can have endocrine disrupters.

What are endocrine disrupters? Chemicals that can interfere with the endocrine system (glands and organs that help with the production of hormones).

You can rub carcinogenic or hormone altering chemicals into your skin (not all chemicals will penetrate the skin).

Your skin is your largest organ.

You can breathe toxic chemicals in cleaning supplies.

Eating, absorbing, and breathing. 3 simple ways we ingest toxins. 2 of the 3 often happen in bathrooms.

Beauty products should be nourishing!

Is it maybe time to evaluate products in your bathrooms?

Hope you don’t get tired of seeing products in each of our rooms in the house ?. And just FYI… that hand soap is what you’ll find in all our bathrooms and kitchen!

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