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My Two Most Important Responsibilities

By May 30, 2020No Comments

As a mother, I believe my 2 most important responsibilities are to LOVE and TEACH my children. This will give them their ROOTS.

During this pandemic, I’ve thought numerous times, what do I want to TEACH my children during this? What do I want to teach by word and by action?

This is a time in their life, they will never forget. It will be a season of their life that they tell their grandchildren about.

I’ve decided I want them to learn:
-To not be afraid. To learn the facts, and then use those facts to empower them. To learn that knowledge can trump fear.
-To not blindly take everything they hear as fact. To do their own research. To follow sources/media that will help them find that truth.
-That a healthy body and healthy immune system are created by their daily choices they make, no one else’s. Their health is mainly the result of personal daily choices. And that a healthy body can help in fighting off illnesses, including viruses.

We’ve talked a lot about what these choices look like and that these daily choices will help them keep their immune system in the best shape possible. Which will then help their bodies be full of life and allow their WINGS to fly.

These important daily choices for their health are:

1️⃣Eat whole foods. And when eating packaged food, choose the ones made with whole food ingredients.
2️⃣Be outside and get vit d. Vitamin d is so important for their health. Plus, be in different eco systems to help create good bacteria in their body.
3️⃣Exercise. Both cardio and strength training for their different benefits.
4️⃣Sweat to detox. Sweating and drinking water are 2 of the easiest and best ways to detox.
5️⃣Get rid of toxins in beauty/hygiene supplies. We don’t want to burden the immune system with heavy metals, formaldehyde releasors, or other harmful ingredients.
6️⃣Use nontoxic household items. This includes having clean water and air.
7️⃣Get the right amount of sleep.
8️⃣Pray, meditate, or practice gratitude

I’d love to know which of the numbers above is hardest for you or your kids to do on a daily basis!

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