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Nourishing Foods

We tend to get overwhelmed with the thought of eating healthy. Pinterest makes it look like eating healthy has to be amazing veggie bowls or salads. 

When in reality it can be just simple nourishing foods. Some fruits, some veggies, handful of nuts, some seeds, etc.

We know fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, protein, etc nourish our body. Those help our body function as best as it can.

So ask yourself:

❓Is high fructose corn syrup nourishing? (Can contribute to higher triglycerides, fatty liver disease, weight gain, insulin resistance).
❓Is sucralose nourishing? (Can destroy good bacteria in gut)
❓Is ace-k (another artificial sweetner) nourishing? (Can help offset hormones)
❓Is hydrogenated oil nourishing? (Can contribute to inflammation)
❓Are red #40, blue #1, yellow #5 and #6 nourishing? (Can contribute to hyperactivity in some)

Get the point? Ask that question with any ingredient.

Is BHT nourishing?
Are inflammatory oils nourishing?
Are artificial flavorings nourishing?
Is glyphosate nourishing?
Are added sugars nourishing?

Where as with whole foods you can take any of them and show a myriad of health benefits for each food. Lets just take 10 foods and one of their benefits for fun:

1️⃣Cilantro – helps detox heavy metals from the body
2️⃣Avocado – help lower LDL cholesterol
3️⃣Garlic – contains sulfur compounds to stimulate the immune system
4️⃣Pumpkin seeds – contain tryptophan which is needed to make serotonin
5️⃣Acai – can improve vascular function
6️⃣Chia seeds – high in omega 3, which supply the necessary building block for hormone production and function.
7️⃣Spinach – full of magnesium which helps the liver promote the healthy excretion of estrogen.
8️⃣Brazil nuts – One of the highest sources of selenium, a mineral needed for thyroid hormone production.
9️⃣Cauliflower – contains sulforaphane which can help protect the lining of the stomach.
????Olive oil – encourages the release of our appetite-suppressing 

Look for products made from whole food ingredients that NOURISH your body, and is not a detriment to it!

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