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Items in Your Pantry – ?cookies or crackers with hydrogenated oil (trans fat).
PARTIALLY hydrogenated oils have been recently banned by the FDA (after 30+ years of trying to prove to the FDA its harm), but the companies have until Jan. 1, 2020 to get rid of their inventory. So you will still see products in the store with it, like these Ritz.
Hydrogenated oils have NOT been banned yet by the FDA (but by no means are they healthy).
WHAT is a hydrogenated oil❓

A liquid oil is put through a process called hydrogenation, where usually nickel or aluminum is used in a chemical reaction to help turn the liquid into a solid. The high heat and pressure destroy antioxidants and alter the chemical nature of the fat, creating free radicals ??.
Trans fats are listed as either hydrogenated oils or sometimes “shortening” on the ingredients label.

WHY are trans fat (hydrogenated oils) a concern❓
. ??Harvard researchers estimate that trans fats cause about 50,000 premature heart attack deaths annually. (1) .
??A 2015 review of studies concluded that those who ate the highest levels of trans fat were 34 percent more likely to die from any cause compared to people who ate the least trans fat. (2) .
??Trans fats also contribute to obesity & diabetes. Research from Wake Forest Univ. School of Medicine did a study with monkeys and found that a trans fats diet induces abdominal obesity and changes in insulin sensitivity.(3) .
??Trans fat raise bad (LDL) cholesterol levels, lower good (HDL) cholesterol levels, increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.(4) .
??According to the Dept. of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, there are “no known nutritional benefits of trans fatty acids and clear adverse metabolic consequences.”(5) .
??Research from Harvard Med. School found that trans fatty acid consumption from hydrogenated oils “adversely affects multiple cardiovascular risk factors and contributes significantly to increased risk of coronary heart disease events.” (6) .
?And by no means are the ?? products part of a healthy diet that should be consumed daily. But, most of us like to enjoy a treat every once in awhile, so why not enjoy a better choice.

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