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Podcast with Dr. Bikman

By July 15, 2021No Comments

This podcast with @benbikmanphd is full of golden pieces of info. Here are some quotes from it! 

“When insulin is down, then fat cells can be giving their fat to the body for energy.”

“Soybean oil has become the single most commonly consumed source of fat in the American diet. We eat 56,000 times more of it now than we did in the early 1900s”

“A meal that spikes your insulin will push all the nutrients out of the blood. Insulin wants the body store energy… sow when insulin has gone up, it’s pushed all of the energy and nutrients out of the blood, so the brain is left wondering, ‘hey where’s all the energy? We need to eat.’”

“4 pillars to help insulin resistance:
1. Control carbohydrates. If your carbohydrates come in a bag or a box with a barcode, you are doing it wrong. You want to get your carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables.
2. Prioritize protein
3. “Don’t fear fat. Enjoy fat. Enjoy it liberally. But make sure its coming from animal or fruit sources.”
4. Fast”

“If someone has a big hearty salad, your insulin is barely moving.”

“Once dinner is over. You’re done. Stop eating around 6 or 7. You will sleep so much better. And your insulin will come down so much faster, that you’ll just get into an insulin sensitizing fat burning state much earlier in the night.”

Regarding infertility: The monthly cycle coming, the ovaries get more follicles, and we don’t have an estrogen spikes, and we don’t have ovulation, and the ovaries get bigger and bigger and bigger and that becomes very painful to the woman. The failure of the estrogen spike is almost always a result of too much insulin.

Have you listened to this one yet?

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