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Some tidbits from the podcast done this week with Dr.Jen from @integrativedrmom. Excuse all of the words spelled wrong on purpose ????

????????What is integrative medicine?
This is a type of medical practice where the practitioner and patient are partners and work together in the healing process. Mind, spirit, community and physical body are all taken into account. Also, conventional medicine is used when necessary. It is a combination of western (conventional) medicine and holistic medicine.

????????What is the immunee system?
It is a system in our body to help us fight off bacteria and viru((es that we come into contact with everyday. Our gut is comprised of millions and millions of bacteria that need to be in balance to work correctly. The immunee system works constantly to help achieve this balance.  When the immunne system detects an invader, it works to neutralize or destroy it to rid the body of it. 

????????How does the body react when it is trying to fight a viru(?
It can look like a runny nose, a stuffy nose, headache or a fever. This is the body trying to clear out the viru(. Resting, staying hydrated and watching a fever carefully are all good steps to support the body when it is fighting a viru(. Let the body catch up, make antibodies and naturally fight it and then take additional steps if necessary.

????????Does food affect the immunne system?
Yes! Sugar decreases the cells that fight disease for hours after you consume it.
Glyphosate and other chemicals can damage the gut therefore damaging your immunne system.
What should you eat? Anti-inflammatory foods help your body have a strong immunne system. This looks like whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and more. 

????????Does exercise affect the immunee system?
Exercise is beneficial because you’re moving your lymph system. Moving your lymph (you have nodes all over your body!) daily is important. Rebounding and going for a walk are a great way to do this. It’s also important because it keeps your cortisol down and also helps your body to feel strong. 

Let me know if you’ve listened to this one.

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