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I have been LOVING interviewing doctors and guests on my podcast. 

Here are some tidbits from this podcast with @marenlockemd

There are so many factors that come into play for skin conditions. Every person has their own unique skin microbiota and possible triggers or root causes. 

Acne is an inflammatory state and a lot of the foods we eat are driving this inflammation and making acne worse. Two foods that studies have shown to affect acne are high glycemic index foods (processed carbs and sugar) and some dairy products.
Other things that may affect acne: fiber and water intake, using the correct skin care products and getting quality sleep.

Food is a trigger for many, the most common being eggs, dairy, nuts and shellfish. It varies widely for each person as to what the trigger is. For some people it is an immediate eczema flare or for some it is a delayed response. It is also important to use products like bath wash, body lotion and laundry detergents that are gentle and that aren’t made with too many oils and do not contain fragrance.

Foods that spike the sugar in our blood stream cause collagen damage. Collagen is what keeps skin looking youthful and plump. Some foods cause collagen to become brittle and break down more quickly and not regenerate properly. Removing processed sugar can slow down your aging. Using retinoids and taking collagen can be beneficial for slowing the aging of skin.

????????Is being in the sun beneficial or harmful?
It is both! Getting vitamin D from the sun is the best source. Getting sun in the middle of the day for a short amount of time can be beneficial. The amount of time you should spend in the sun varies from person to person. A lot depends on where you live and your skin type. If your skin gets red or burned in the sun, you’ve been in it for too long. Getting a few minutes of mid day sun exposure and then putting sunscreen on or a rash guard on is the best way to play it safe to prevent skin aging and skin cancers.

Hope you have loved or learned something from these podcasts too❤️

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