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Pre-Workouts: What to Look For

By June 3, 2020No Comments

Pre workouts are typically taken for energy, stamina, and focus during a workout.

I’ve found 2 issues with pre workout powders/drinks I’ve tried.
Just like other products, many pre workouts contain artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, glyphosate, and dyes.
Artificial sweeteners:
Many people are under the assumption that low calorie or sugar free drinks are a good way to lose weight. Studies have shown that the effects of artificial sweeteners actually can contribute to obesity rather than help it.
Artificial sweeteners do this by:
-changing the gut biomicrome
-leading to decreased satiety
-altering glucose homeostasis
-increasing caloric consumption and weight gain
Regarding the gut biomicrome, a study was published in Molecules (the leading international peer-reviewed journal of chemistry) and researchers found “evidence that consumption of artificial sweeteners adversely affects gut microbial activity which can cause a wide range of health issues.”
Stevia leaf and monk fruit are 2 great sweeteners that can be used instead!

For me… the best pre workouts that have the best ingredients either don’t work as well for me or don’t taste the greatest. The “better” product’s ingredients may not be as good as the ones labeled “best”, but, they taste better and work better for me. I can’t find that perfect preworkout that has those great ingredients, tastes good, and is effective!

So this is when you might have to choose between cost, taste, efficacy, and ingredients. There are definitely enough good pre workouts on the market not to have to settle for the ones with ?? ingredients in them. But here’s a scenario where the “best” choice may not be best for you.

Why labeled better ingredients – no ?? ingredients. Has multiple fillers. Missing what’s in the “best”..
Why labeled best ingredients – no ??ingredients. Less fillers. Mostly organic. Mostly plant based. More herbs.
*This is not a comprehensive list! These were used as examples to teach you what to look for in your pre workout.
❓What’s your favorite pre workout❓

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