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Reducing Toxins

By May 20, 2021No Comments

????Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 18 ????is the day my Just Ingredients scent of the Grow Fragrance re-launches for the season. The link will be in a swipe up in my stories at 8:00am MST.

I ❤️the smell! It’s a mix of ????and ????

Air fresheners in peoples home can contribute to asthma, allergies, breathing issues, migraines, hormonal imbalance, chronic fatigue, and more.

When beginning a health journey, think about the toxins you breathe, absorb (think beauty products on your skin), and digest.

Grow fragrance can be used as an air freshener in the home, especially in bathrooms (think guest bathrooms). My teenagers and I love to have a bottle of it in our cars. My teenagers love to spray their clean laundry with it. And my daughter has even used as a body spray.

There is a limited supply. So see what air fresheners you could swap out in your home, for one better choice product with all good ingredients!


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