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Replace: Inflammatory Oils. Add: Healthy Fats

By November 12, 2020No Comments

Day 3 – Nourishment and Abundance

REPLACE: Inflammatory oils

Corn oil, vegetable oil, canola oil are high in omega 6s. 60 years ago the omega 6 to omega 3 ratio was 1:2. Now it is 25:1 which is contributing to inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of many common diseases today such as depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, migraines, joint pain, chronic fatigue, auto-immune issues, and more.(8)

Hydrogenated fats cause inflammation and calcification of arterial cells which are known risk factors for coronary heart disease.(9)

ADD-IN: Healthy fats

Some amazing good fats are salmon, eggs, nuts, seeds, avocado, ghee, oils, and more. Did you know healthy fats have a role in your energy, hormonal balance, detoxing, heart health, cognitive thinking, and more?


1️⃣The main fatty acid in avocado oil is called oleic acid. Oleic acid makes up almost 70% of the oil. Oleic acid helps fight inflammation.(1)

2️⃣Avocado oil has lutein (you must get this from your diet, your body doesn’t make it). Lutein is great for eye health as it may reduce the risk of common age-related eye disease.(2)

3️⃣Adding avocado oil to fruits and vegetables(for example, in salad dressing) increases the amount of nutrients absorbed by the body.(3)

4️⃣Avocado oil was shown in one study to neutralize free radicals which prevents them from damaging cell mitochondria(4)

1️⃣Oleic acid makes up about 73% of the extra virgin olive oil. This again helps reduce inflammation and can have beneficial effects on certain genes.(5)

5️⃣Olive oil is full of antioxidants which have been shown to be beneficial for their anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activity.(6)

3️⃣Olive oil also lowers both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.(7)

What good fats do you add in to your diet?

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