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Podcast episode last week on health benefits of real salt with @drjamesdinic

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Table salt isn’t horrible or toxic, the one shown just has sugar in it, not many trace minerals, and has gone through a refining process. And why does salt need sugar in it???

The salts above, are mentioned in the podcast. Some have 60+ trace minerals, including naturally occurring iodine (like Redmond and Pink Himalayan)

According to the podcast, salt also helps with:

1️⃣Sugar Cravings
Salt helps with sugar cravings by activating the reward center in the brain.

2️⃣Mental Health
Nearly every neurotransmitter in the brain needs sodium or chloride to move in and out of the cell. 

Sodium drives vitamin C into the brain and helps reduce oxidative stress in the brain. Those with mood issues (depression, etc) have an increase in oxidative stress in the brain. 

Not enough salt can be a stressor on the adrenal glands. They have to produce aldosterone in order to retain salt which can lead to hypertrophy of the adrenal glands which can lead to burnout or adrenal fatigue.

Sodium affects thyroid hormone because it is needed to pull iodine into the thyroid gland. 

4️⃣Athletic Performance
Taking salt can increase exercise duration when taken before an intense workout. Salt should also be consumed to replace what is lost during a moderate workout, especially in heat.

5️⃣Taurine chloramine (this is the combination of taurine and the chloride from salt) calms cytokine storms after the immune system has taken care of pathogens.

6️⃣Sodium maintains electrical currents like making the heart beat, keeping muscles from spasming, gives you blood pressure, helps with exercise performance and sleep quality, keeps stress hormones down and gives energy. 

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Many bloat or hurt or cramp after eating, and it could just be that you need more stomach acid support. The test above is not an exact 100% pure science. It’s just an easy test some functional medicine doctors will have their patients do at home to give them some insight. Of course always work with your doctor if you need HCl support. Zypan is a great supplement to help with this.

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