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SIMPLE DINNERS – People and moms were busy in 1995 too and needed simple dinner ideas.
But they didn’t need to be educated on GMO crops back then.

It’s our generation’s problem.

There are 10 GMO crops on the market today. They are:

Sugar beets
Cotton (cottonseed oil)

Do not confuse a hybrid with a GMO. Genetically modified crops have had their DNA altered.

Because there are only 10 GMO crops, the non GMO label is used as a marketing ploy many times.

For instance, don’t get fooled by a peach baby food that has a non GMO label on it. It’s a marketing ploy. There are no GMO peaches. It’s no more healthy because that label is on there!

Don’t get fooled by a Quaker Oats package that says non GMO on it. That’s a marketing ploy. Oats are not genetically modified. So those oats are no more healthy!

Organic means they are not GMO crops nor have they been sprayed by glyphosate. Non GMO DOES NOT mean it’s organic.

So why buy oats and wheat organic then if they are not GMO crops? Because now some farmers spray these crops with glyphosate 7-10 days before harvest to dry the crops out. Organic means the wheat and oats have not been sprayed with glyphosate.

With so many labels out there, it can be confusing to know what is the best option to look for. I hope this blog post was helpful! For more blog posts like this click HERE.

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