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SIMPLE DINNERS – During this holiday season, nights get busy, people get swamped, and out of desperation more people grab fast food for dinner. So this week I’m sharing simple dinner ideas that don’t take much time to make. Have these ingredients on hand and try to go for these simple meals rather than fast food.

First up is taco salad. Ground some beef (or even leave out for a plant based meal). Chop some lettuce and tomatoes. Open up a can of beans (yes refried beans are so easy to make but this if for those nights you are in a hurry). Grab some salsa, sour cream, and some quac from your fridge and you’re good to go.
??If you’re making taco salad with ground beef, though, consider using grass fed beef.

Here are the main differences between conventional and grass fed beef:

1️⃣ This is my favorite reason! Grass fed beef has a different fatty acid composition; grass fed has up to 5x as much omega-3’s. Omega 3’s reduce heart disease risk, help fight anxiety and depression, fight inflammation and more. When battling my depression, my inflammation was so high! I had to learn how to bring that down!

2️⃣Grass fed beef contains more vitamins, more minerals, and more antioxidants.

3️⃣It can be as much as 8-10 fold increase in conjugated linoleac acid (CLA) in grass fed beef than in conventional beef. CLA’s do some incredible things in the body including having “potent cancer-fighting properties”. CLA’s also help burn fat and build muscle.

4️⃣Because the USDA stopped defining the term “grass fed” in 2016, it’s important that you know how the company you’re buying from defines “grass fed”. Local farms are typically very willing to share their practices and are a great place to purchase from. Or make sure the package says 100% grassfed.

And stay tuned for more simple meals on the way! What are your favorite go to meals when life gets busy? Share with me in the comments below.

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