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Society of Extremes

By May 20, 2021No Comments

We now live in a society of extremes. 

Organic means nothing. If it’s not organic its poison.

All gmos are good to eat. All gmos are horrible.

Gluten is fine. Gluten is harmful.

Eat whatever you want. Watch everything you eat.

What if it was somewhere in between? 

Examples from above:

1️⃣Organic does mean something, especially for processed foods. 

Organic means, NO:
artificial sweeteners
artificial dyes
artificial preservatives
hydrogenated oils
high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)

So if I see a ketchup next to an organic ketchup for the same price, I’ll grab the organic because it tells me there is no HFCS in it (common in ketchup). HFCS does not nourish my body. I want things that nourish it.

If there are 2 bananas sitting by each other, and organic is pricier, I buy non organic. The non organic banana nourishes my body.

2️⃣Some gmo’s are designed to survive when glyphosate is sprayed on them. Some are not. Products with gmo corn, gmo soy, gmo sugar, gmo canola, or gmo cottonseed oil have glyphosate. Does glyphosate (the main ingredient in round up) nourish the body? I want to nourish the body.

3️⃣Gluten in wholesome foods for some is fine. Gluten for those dealing with auto immune issues, food intolerances, inflammation, does not nourish the body.

4️⃣I used to eat whatever I wanted. Cereal for breakfast, deli meat sandwiches for lunch with a Diet Coke, and more cereal or something for dinner. This wasn’t nourishing my body.

My health suffered. 

My doctor encouraged more water, that nourishes the body.

She recommended more fruits and vegetables, they nourish the body.

My doctor recommended less sugar, it doesn’t nourish the body.

Living in extremes is what is fearful. Educate yourself so you can empower yourself to make the best choice possible for your health needs.

Don’t let all the loud voices out there confuse & frustrate you. Take the information to educate you. Do your own research. And simplify it. Just simply ask yourself, DOES THIS NOURISH THE BODY?

REMEMBER, your body is miraculous. It wants to do you good. But in order to do its best job we’ve got to give it nourishing fuel.

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