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By November 12, 2020No Comments

?Rooms in my home? – Kitchen Part 2

When beginning my health journey, I quickly realized I would need to do some more cooking at home. I slowly over time started buying kitchen items that would help in this process. NEVER JUST RUN OUT AND BUY EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE! (Just 2 months ago, I finally got a Bosch mixer even though I’ve been wanting one for years). You can make do with the kitchen tools that you have!

My very first purchase on my health journey, 14 years ago, was my oat flaker and grain grinder. It’s one I’ve used almost daily and love. But I recommend evaluating which item you would probably use the most, and save up for that purchase first.

1️⃣Water filter
If I was just starting a health journey today, my one item I’d save up to buy first, would probably be a water filter.

The contaminants in people’s water differs by zip code. But what’s in water can range from lead, to PFOA/PFOS, to pesticides/herbicides like atrazine and glyphosate, to bacteria, viruses, and parasites, to arsenic, to chlorine treatment by-products, to pharmaceuticals, and the list goes on. A good quality filter can get rid of these issues.

2️⃣Non Teflon pans
When my sister was going through her cancer treatments, her oncologist really encouraged her to get rid of her teflon pans. So that would probably be 2nd on my list. PFOA is the chemcial they used to make teflorn (PTFE). In 2013, PFOA was finally banned by the EPA as a chemical to make teflon. So maybe evaluate if your teflon pans were manufactured before 2013. And today when looking for pans, I look for ones that are PFOA, PTFE, and PFOS free!

What is a favorite kitchen item of yours?

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