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Strive to Live a Healthy Lifestyle, Not a Perfect One!

By November 12, 2020No Comments

We are beginning to live in a world of extremes. You see that in politics, religion, opinions, and now food.

Extremes are not healthy!

Ordering out pizza on a Friday night with friends does not make you unhealthy. Ordering out pizza every night is unhealthy. Because that’s extreme.

Eating some Halloween candy around Halloween does not make you unhealthy. Eating candy day after day is unhealthy, because that’s extreme.

Allowing my teenager to try Top Ramen does not make him unhealthy. Allowing him to eat it every day for lunch is unhealthy. Because that’s extreme.

My page is not to make you feel guilty or like you have to live a perfect diet. It’s purely to help you see what’s in products so you can choose to live a healthier lifestyle. And it’s to help you know of better choice options out there.

Are there better choices to all of those scenarios above? Yes!

Sourdough pizza full of veggies is amazing and delicious.

Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants.

A homemade Top Ramen soup full of veggies and bone broth is so nourishing to the body. So…


And remember it’s not all or nothing, it’s about finding better choices as you go!

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