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Summer Salads- Blueberry Kale

By November 12, 2020No Comments

?Summer Salads☀️- Kale Blueberry
If you haven’t prepared kale before, there are a few tips to make it yummy! Kale is a hearty green. It’s tougher than your typical lettuce greens so it needs some preparation before you eat it.

1️⃣Remove the thick stem that runs down the middle of the leaf.
2️⃣Cut or tear the leaves into pieces.
3️⃣Massage the kale for 2-4 minutes with your hands. Option: massage with lemon juice and a little salt or the dressing you’ll be using. This helps breaks down those tough fibers.
4️⃣Let the kale sit for about 5 minutes after massaging. This will soften it more.
5️⃣Now it is ready to use in the salad!
I used to hate kale. Then once I learned how to properly prepare it, I love it!
1️⃣Kale is loaded with vitamins including:
Vitamin K: 684% daily value
Vitamin A: 206% daily value
Vitamin C: 134% daily value
2️⃣It has antioxidants which help fight free radicals that can cause heath issues.
3️⃣It contains bile acid sequestrants and these help lower cholesterol. (1)
Since 2007 the USDA has required that all almonds be sterilized or “pasteurized”.
There is a clause in this USDA law. To get truly “raw” nuts that are unpasteurized, they must be purchased directly from farmers (like at farmers markets), from outside the US, or from European countries.

Raw almonds in the US are still pasteurized. Raw almonds can be steamed or fumigated. Steaming involves a short burst of steam that treats the surface of the nut.

Fumigated almonds use propylene oxide to achieve pasteurization. Propylene oxide is classified by the EPA as a probable human carcinogen and has been shown to be a nervous system depressant.

So many times with almonds you don’t know what process they have been treated with. Nor is there a legal definition for raw. So look for steamed raw over using propylene oxide, if imported isn’t an option. Imported almonds are sometimes hard to find or expensive. Just FYI… organic almonds must be pasteurized too. (2)

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