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Summer Salads- Homemade Salad Dressing

By November 12, 2020No Comments

?Summer salads ☀️- homemade salad dressings

When I first started on my healing journey, I was told I needed to incorporate more veggies and more whole foods into my diet.

But in my mind, that knew not much about nutrition at the time, I thought that meant just tons of salads. (Thankfully I soon realized I could cook with lots of veggies, add veggies into breakfasts, and add them into smoothies or sauces too). But in the meantime, I got sick of salads because it became the same boring dressing everyday. Or I got overwhelmed thinking I needed to find a recipe for some new dressing each night.

UNTIL, I realized it’s super fun to mix and combine different basic ingredients to make a plethora of dressings. So listed above are just 10 basic dressings you can make by combining some basics together that you probably have sitting in your cupboard!

Just have fun with making salad dressings! Make them sweeter or more sour or more garlicky by the amount you add in.

Save this post because I promise you’ll want to refer to that reference sheet often ?
What’s your favorite combination for a salad dressing?

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