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Teacher/Classroom Tips

By November 12, 2020No Comments

I taught high school math for 6 years. With schools announcing they are going back to school in the fall (some full time, some part time, some only virtually), I’ve had many teachers reach out to me and say, “if you were going back to the classroom, what would you do or use or have in your classroom?”

I’ve told them all this same response:

I’d have:
1️⃣An Air Doctor in my room. It can cover a 2400 square foot area. It can filter mold, pollen, bacteria, viruses, vocs, and more. It has an ultraHEPA filter. The UltraHEPA captures particle down to 0.003 Microns. That is 100 times smaller than regular HEPA.

2️⃣Force of Nature. Many teachers will want to disinfect on a regular basis. This Force of Nature is a disinfectant without the harsh chemicals. It’s completely non toxic.

3️⃣Get outside often. Not only will this give the kids fresh air, but more importantly give them some vitamin d. Vitamin d is so important in keeping a healthy immune system.

4️⃣Reduce sugary treats. As a teacher I would want to do things that help the kids immune system. There was a research study done by Loma Linda University. Participants were fed different forms of sugar. They found that the effectiveness of white blood cells (our immune cells which fight infection) decreased up to 50% after 1-2 hours of eating sugar, lasting up to five hours!

5️⃣Open the windows. Just like the air in our homes get trapped and then recycled through over and over, so does the air in the classroom. Opening the windows allows that fresh air in.
**Every school district and every state is going to have different rules for their area. So these may not be possible for your area. These are purely suggestions.

?I love teachers and what they do for our kids. Check out my post later today to enter your favorite teacher into a giveaway for 2 Air Doctors!

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