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Thanksgiving Gravy: What I look for on the label

By November 23, 2019No Comments

People will message me quite often saying… help me read labels. So I’ll show you what goes through my mind as I read the ingredients on the first gravy shown.

I start with the first ingredient and read through to the last ingredient. My thoughts were:

1️⃣Does the milk have gmo by-products or hormones in it?
2️⃣Has that wheat been sprayed with glyphosate?
3️⃣Oh, it has folic acid in it. My body doesn’t do well with that.
4️⃣What in the world is in that chicken fat?
5️⃣I wonder if that Torula yeast will act like MSG for me? Msg brings on headaches for me.
6️⃣I wonder how that caramel color is processed? Most likely it contains some 4-methylimidazole (1)
7️⃣What is Disodium Inosinate and Guanylate? I need to research those.
8️⃣Ok to many unknowns, I’ll look for a better choice.

Yes this isn’t science or some 100% reliable method. It’s just the thought process and questions I ask when looking at a label.

?Now for gravy. Of course the best is homemade (if made with good ingredients). My favorite is to make a roux sauce with either organic flour, arrowroot, organic almond flour, or organic cornstarch and a good butter. I stir the flour and melted butter together. I then pour that into the turkey drippings and whisk. I add some of those Redmond Real Salt spices if needed. Delicious and done!

But many don’t have the turkey drippings and still want a gravy. That’s when one of those packets can come into hand! Simply Organic gravy is a better option. There are so many better food choices out there. Thankfully, ? you can still enjoy Thanksgiving without compromising your health journey. For my blog post about whipped cream, click HERE.

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