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The Best Whipped Cream: Homemade or Store bought?

By November 23, 2019No Comments

If you look at a container of whipped cream at the store, it can contain as many as 15 ingredients. Here are ingredients found in a typical whipped cream or whipped topping found on the shelf:
??Hydrogenated vegetable oil- detrimental to heart health by raising LDL cholesterol.(1)
??Cream- possibly from cows given GMO feed and antibiotics used.(2)
??Corn syrup, sugar or HFCS- made from GMO crops sprayed with glyphosate; HFCS is linked to type 2 diabetes and more. (3)
??Artificial flavor- this is code name for hundreds of different chemicals.
??Polysorbates-negatively affects gut bacteria. (4)
??Mono and diglycerides- May contain trans fats which show an increased risk of heart disease. (5)
??Carrageenan- can contribute to inflammation. (6)

?? HOMEMADE whipped cream is:

1. Heavy cream- if organic, you know the cows have not had gmo feed, been given hormones or antibiotics
2. Sugar– organic means it’s not gmo or sprayed with glyphosate.
3. Vanilla

And just like that! Simple and few ingredients that still give that sweet flavor without the toxic ingredients. Being on a health journey can be as easy as just making one switch at Thanksgiving for a better choice product. Just as delicious but with better choices! For my blog post about Thanksgiving Gravy, click HERE.

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