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Things I Didn’t Know While Battling Depression

By November 12, 2020No Comments

Some dread their birthdays (I used to), but now I’ve learned to cherish each year.

Why? Because each year is another gift I’ve been given.

I attempted suicide. That’s hard for anyone to say, including me. But by the grace of God it was unsuccessful.

I hid my depression for years. I didn’t want anyone to know.

Why? Because the few I told assumed I was just weak. Weak people can’t deal with life.

I believe the opposite.

Those dealing with any illness are strong.

But if I was strong, how could I not deal with my depression?

I believe it came down to one thing. I didn’t know. I wasn’t educated on these topics:

I had no idea that:
-the food I was eating contributed to my overall feelings
-my beauty products could be disrupting my hormones
-being low on b vitamins, vit d, magnesium, omegas, could be contributing
-not being able to absorb vitamin Bs correctly could affect me
-my body fighting daily chronic inflammation due to not exercising, stress, and eating certain foods could have a role
– food contributed to my good or bad gut bacteria and that my gut may be suffering
-that my gut had a huge role in producing my neurotransmitters
-my food intolerances could be contributing
-living a low fat diet (this was back in the 90s) could be affecting multiple factors
-the stress and large amount of caffeine I was having on a daily basis could play a part on how my adrenals were functioning
-that too many metals in my body could contribute
-lack of quality sleep due to having little kids could also be affecting me
-that my hormones may be unbalanced and contributing

Who was supposed to teach me this? I went to doctor after doctor for 2 years trying to get help. They didn’t teach me this.

My parents didn’t teach me this.

I didn’t learn it in high school.

I’ve come to realize, that if we want to learn about healing ourselves we have to do our own educating.

And one that gets on a journey to heal, is strong. One that takes step after step after frustration after frustration is strong. One that keeps going when everyone else tells you it won’t work, is strong. Keep fighting & working for your health. It’s so worth the joy and the healing.

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