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Things to do While Staying at Home

By April 17, 2020No Comments

Things to do while staying home – read a new wellness book or watch a health documentary.

A common question I get…

How can I get my spouse/husband/boyfriend on board with eating healthier?

My answer every time. Consistency and education.

1️⃣Consistency – Kids and spouses like to know eating healthy isn’t just some new trendy fad that will last for 2 weeks. Once they see consistent small changes over time they are more inclined to come on board.

2️⃣Education – Learning about our food practices, the science behind certain ingredients, and what is in our beauty/hygiene products, helps people to understand at least why some are choosing to make different choices.

Many documentaries and books are very one sided, but if you are aware of that going into them, you’ll feel more Inclined to just watch to become educated and informed rather than watch to become extremely sided with them.

And there are so many options these days of books on Amazon and documentaries on Netflix. Above are just a few of the many I’ve read or watched.

What is a favorite health book you’ve read recently or a health documentary you’ve watched❓Your suggestions might be so helpful to others!!!

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