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Tips for Beginning Your Health Journey

By November 12, 2020No Comments

I have so many followers starting out on a health journey looking for advice. So those that have been on a health journey, let’s help them out!

What’s your best piece of advice for them? Comment below!

Some tips I got that I loved were:

1️⃣Don’t get overwhelmed. Take it one step at a time. One little change at a time.

2️⃣Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey.

3️⃣Your kids will think it’s stupid at first. But just be consistent. Consistency is the key.

…and I just heard this one the other day by @cakebycourtney on her podcast and it resonated with me. Everyone’s health journey will look different. Everyone’s health journey is a journey. But in Courtney’s words…”Stay in you’re own lane. When you’re in your own lane, there’s no traffic.”

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