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Toddler Bath Swaps

By November 12, 2020No Comments

?Toddler bath time?

Oh when I was a mom of toddlers and multiple toddlers, I LOVED❤️ bath time for my kids. It was a reprieve for me. I’d put 3 little boys full of energy into a bubble bath and they would play for like an hour. It gave me an hour to finally sit, and not be cleaning up a tornado or a mess throughout the house. It was all contained within the bathtub… ok and lots of water outside of the tub ?

But the bath products today are full of some not so great ingredients. For instance:

Blue dye, one of the most commonly used dyes, has been shown to absorb into skin and directly enter the bloodstream instead of being broken down in the gut or being detoxed in the liver. (1)

“Children’s tissues, organs, and biological systems are still developing, with several stages of rapid growth and development occurring from infancy to adolescence. This rapid development and immaturity of body organs and systems predisposes children to potentially more severe consequences within certain age ranges and windows of vulnerability.”(2)

Let those toddlers enjoy their bath time with better choice products! Find products without at least parabens, phthalates, artificial dyes, formaldehyde releasors, PEGs, and sulfates.



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