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Valentine’s Day Food Swaps

Making heart shaped pizza or red colored breakfast are fun traditions.

Homemade used to mean a better option. A homemade bread used to be more nutritious than most store bought options. A homemade pizza used to be more nutritious than a frozen store bought option.

????????Because a lot of our ingredients have changed since the late 90s, homemade is not any better than storebosugh anymore, unless we use better choice ingredients.

1️⃣Organic flour – the organic just tells you the wheat has not been sprayed with glyphosate or has been bleached. Many wheat crops are now dried out with glyphosate 10-14 days before harvest. Remember, this is not a problem our parents had to deal with. Another great option is using other flours, like kamut, oat, cassava flour, etc.

2️⃣Oil – Canola is a gmo crop that is processed into oil using the solvent hexane. It is also an inflammatory oil. Extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil can both be bought unrefined and cold pressed.

3️⃣Salt – instead of bleached table salt with sugar added in it, why not real salt with 60+ trace minerals in it too!

4️⃣Pizza sauce – I look for one with no sugar in it and no inflammatory oils. We get too many tsp of sugar a day as is. The American Heart Association recommends kids 2-18years old to have less than 6 tsp a day.

5️⃣Cheese – instead of cheese shredded in a bag that comes with cellulose or natamycin, you can simply shred the cheese from a block.

6️⃣Pepperoni – both are made by the same company. One made with nitrates/nitrites and the other one without. And even better than pepperoni is a bunch of veggie or fruit toppings!

7️⃣Oil for fondue – why not use bone broth that nourishes your body? Works just as well to cook the meat in.

8️⃣Coloring – so easy to color items with food, rather than artificial coloring!

Homemade doesn’t always mean healthy. Healthy comes due to the ingredients you choose to make your recipes with!

Remember there is always a better choice out there! 

*Side note on the recipe, if you don’t cook with live yeast, you can replace with 1 Tb. of dry yeast that you buy at the grocery store and 1 tsp sugar.

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