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Virtual School Tips

By November 12, 2020No Comments

?Back to school✏️ – virtual

Parents experienced virtual school last year and some are continuing with this. Here are some items I’d use if doing virtual school again.

1️⃣Blue light glasses
The biggest source of bluelight is from sunlight. This is helpful because the sun helps set our circadian rhythm (our sleep and wake cycle) and keeps it aligned. The problem is that we’re now exposed to more blue light than ever during the day and into the night through the use of phone screens, tablets, computers and fluorescent lights.

The effects of blue light exposure can be:
-it takes longer to fall asleep
-less REM sleep
-wake up feeling sleepier

So blue light glasses help block out that blue light from the screens.

2️⃣Water bottles
Kids at school usually have water bottles with them on their desks. Remember while learning at home, water at their desk is a great idea too.

75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Water:
1. Flushes out body waste, one of the best ways to detox
2. Helps with cognitive function like mental alertness and focus
3. Cushions the brain and spinal cord, lubricates joints
4. Essential for kidneys to perform
5. Activates metabolism by up to 30%

Eating at home is the perfect time to introduce new fruits & vegetables, and try to get even more in their diet. Those veggies are so healing and nourishing for the kids bodies.

4️⃣Exercise and vit d
Remember kids at school get movement and vit d at recess. Don’t forget to include those in your daily school routine. Both are so important for your child’s health and immune system!

5️⃣EMF Protection
Just like you can’t avoid all toxins, you can’t avoid all emfs. But you can possibly reduce some.

What does EMF stand for?
EMF means electromagnetic fields

Why all the EMF talk lately?
EMFs are a type of energy that is all around us but we are now often bombarded with artificial sources from electronic devices like tablets, laptops, cell phones, wifi routers, bluetooth devices, and computers. See why it’s a concern for our generation.

There are 2 types of EMF exposure. Low-level radiation (non-ionizing radiation) & high-level radiation (ionizing radiation).

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