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?Ways to live healthier on a budget?- SIMPLIFY.

When you open your medicine cabinet, do you have a mosquito bite cream, something for rashes, an anti-itch ointment and all sorts of skin products? When you live on a budget, it’s just not economical to buy an individual product for every skin problem out there.

When you open your cleaning closet, do you have a toilet cleaner, floor cleaner, all purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and more? When you live on a budget, all of those items can add up.

The amazing thing about our day and age is that there are companies coming out with great new products all the time. Even better is when they are in budget because they serve more than one purpose!

Posted are some of my favorites that have helped me to simplify and reduce the amount of toxins previously used. Favorite medicine closet item (Active Skin Repair), favorite cleaning items (Branch Basics and Force of Nature), and favorite lip gloss (Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques).
??Let me tell you about Active Skin Repair (since I think I’ll get the most questions on this one). It is a multi-functional, non toxic first aid item I love. It works on:
– minor wounds
– cuts and scrapes
– sunburns
– normal burns
– chaffing
– rashes
– insect bites
– other skin irritations

The problem with so many skin products is that they are:
??petroleum based (made from crude oil and can be contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) (1)
??contain parabens (these interfere with hormone function (2)
??contain phathalates (linked to endocrine disruption (3)

Active Skin Repair has none of these ?? ingredients ??. It uses natural ingredients and a proprietary process to replicate the same molecule your white blood cells produce in response to injury.
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