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What Can I Do?

By November 12, 2020No Comments

Emotions are high. Tensions are tight. Exhaustion is felt.

And I’ve decided I need to personally take care of 2 things:
1. I need to worry about how I personally can do better and
2. what I can do to teach my children. Those are my 2 responsibilities.

I’ve realized to do better I can foster relationships on IG with POC. So the last couple of days, I’ve spent time finding people that have my similar platform.

My platform is good ingredients in food, beauty products, home products, and in life. My platform is about teaching others about nontoxic items and living a healthier lifestyle. I want others to enjoy a happy fulfilled life by living in a less toxic environment.

I’ve never once looked to see who owns the product or company I tell you followers about. I’ve never looked to see if they are male or female. White or black. Gay or straight. Old or young. I don’t care. I just appreciated it was a person trying to create a better choice product for the human race.

But if I’m going to do better, I need to open my eyes and enlarge my circle. Above are IG accounts and companies I’ve found that I want to learn from and follow, who fall in line with my platform. They promote clean beauty products, foods, or household products. Or are in the fitness space. They are trying to promote healthy living too. I’m hoping someday soon I can collaborate with many of them.

I thought maybe some of you trying to live a healthier life, would enjoy following them also.

On a side note… I’m exhausted as many of you are. If you want to be negative or have a sly comment about me opening my eyes and wanting to do better, please keep the comment to yourself or go tell your best friend. I will delete those types of comments. We are all trying in our own best ways. Please give people grace. IG needs more positivity right now, not negativity.
IG only allows 15 tags so the other companies are:

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