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What can we do good?

By April 14, 2020No Comments

Good ingredients in life are more than eating healthy and using non toxic products. Good ingredients in life are also being kind, generous, and supportive to those in need. I love that some companies are doing good things during these challenging times. I wanted to share some and want you to share some too.
?If you watch my IG stories today, Verb Energy bars is donating 1 bar for every 2 sold to healthcare workers that are involved in the Covid 19 issues.
?Naked Poppy is donating 20% of their sales to Meals on Wheels to help the elderly out during this time.
?Grow Fragrance is giving their air fresheners away to health care workers as a thank you. Go to my story to nominate someone in the GIVEAWAY ??
But what can we do? One thing is, in return, support these small businesses or any small business out there. Supporting small businesses is in return supporting families.

Small businesses have a special place in my heart because I’ve been a small business owner for the past 25 years and I know what it’s like trying to make those ends meet for your family.
??So if you have a small business, OR you know of a small business that could use some love OR you know of another business that is giving to others right now, give them a shout out here so we can support them!

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