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What Does Organic Mean and What Does It Have To Do With Hormones?

There is a common belief that organic crops have no pesticides/herbicides. Not true. 

Slide 4 above is what’s allowed on them. It’s about 25 ingredients vs. 900 for non organic.

Organic does mean though that glyphosate (the main ingredient in Roundup) cannot be sprayed on the crop.

People love to debate if glyphosate is toxic or not, whether it’s safe to ingest or not, and at what levels. 

????????But what gets forgotten in the debates is the aspect that glyphosate can be an endocrine disruptor (1). 

And glyphosate is not the only pesticide/herbicide that is an endocrine disruptor. There are about 100 substances listed as such. Many have been banned over the years though (1).

As mentioned in previous posts, an endocrine disruptor can mimic our natural hormones, allowing the real hormone not able to do its proper function. 

????????So if you’re dealing with depression, infertility, anxiety, chronic fatigue, chronic migraines, hormonal issues, etc, glyphosate is one more endocrine disruptor to look at.

And remember that the word organic for process foods has a completely different meaning than the word organic for produce.

????????Glyphosate is mainly found on gmo canola, gmo corn, gmo sugar, gmo soy, gmo cotton, wheat, oats, and almonds which are in MANY processed foods! So I try to buy products without these gmo ingredients.

Whats allowed:

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