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What I Wish I Knew With My Babies

To my new moms:

I promise someday, you’re going to miss this.

You might just miss:
The crying fussy baby whose tummy hurts
The bare bums with diaper rash
The congested or runny noses
The late night coughs
And the list goes on.

I remember having 3 kids under 3 and people telling me this and I would say NO I WON’T miss this. 

But, now that I’m here, I miss the baby snuggles, the baby smell, the baby coos, and the unconditional love.

But I’ll tell you one thing I LEARNED:

By baby #6, I finally figured things out (well as much as you can as a parent). I gave the probiotics, the vit d, I had the good baby balm products, the good teething oil, a good chest rub, I had all the good things and it made baby life so much easier! The products out there are to help you new moms as much as the babies :). Use those nourishing products on them!

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  • Marilyn Petersen says:

    yes, you are amazing and we have a grand baby that is not nursing anymore now on raw goats milk and needs a great bottle.
    What is your suggestion. WE love glass and which nipples ?

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