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What is Your Mask Made Of?

By November 12, 2020No Comments

PREFACE: this is not a post about whether masks are effective or not. Or if they should be worn or not. Any comments along these lines will be deleted. Because so many states, businesses, schools, etc are mandating masks, I want to share this following info.

Last week I went to the mall to buy my daughter a birthday present. The mall is in a county where masks are required. So I wore a disposable mask that I had.

Within minutes of wearing my mask, my eyes were tearing up and itching. So I moved my mask below my nose (yes I know ineffective) to see if my eyes would stop watering. They did. But within minutes the edge of my nose was now red and my nostrils were burning.

I switched the mask to up above my nose. And my eyes started watering and itching. I moved it below my nose, then my nose hurt. It was this constant game of switching the mask up and down, to control the pain, watering of eyes, burning, and itching.

I cut my shopping time early due to the mask. I got in the car and thought…


So I researched and found they are first made of
plastics like:
polycarbonate (can contain BPAs)
polyethylene or

But as I continued to research, I found out that some disposable masks and cloth masks made with wrinkle free material contain formaldehyde resin.

In wrinkle free material and some disposable masks, “The chemical reaction involved in cross-linking cellulose and cellulosic fibers requires a cross-linking agent, a catalyst, and heat. Some of the catalyst used in this process may remain in the fabric, and heat produced by the body may cause release of free formaldehyde“.(2)
Formaldehyde irritates the nose, eyes and throat. Formaldehyde resin is considered to be safe by some. But the EPA has said formaldehyde is a probable carcinogen when there’s been a highly prolonged exposure (3,4)
The three chemicals in disposable masks that cause these symptoms (or eczema type issues as well) are:
-ethylene urea melamine formaldehyde
Best options for a mask!
100% bamboo – most is naturally organic, finished ??in pic

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