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What’s in my Travel Bag

We are now back home ????

3 of my Traveling Tips:

1️⃣If you’re a parent, this first one may help your sanity and expectations…

Family vacations should never be called VACATIONS. They should be called family TRIPS!

They are hard work! Worth the memories and family bonding time. But, vacations are when you go with your friends or spouse and get to relax :).

2️⃣Bring your own nourishing snacks. Helps your kids stay nourished and not have sugar/junk food melt downs. And eating so much junk food can happen quickly on trips. This helps keep that at bay!

3️⃣I always pack supplements or medicines in case someone gets sick! I don’t want to be driving to some Walgreens in the middle of the night hoping they have some type of supplement/medicine I would use at home!

????A lot of these are linked on my website under my favorites!

Do you have a favorite travel tip or a must take item you always pack?

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