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I get asked this quite often, so here are a few tips.

I’d begin with…
1️⃣the items you use the most OR
2️⃣the items that contributes most to an illness that is occurring in your family OR
3️⃣replacing an item for a better choice when it runs out.

1️⃣For instance (the item you use the most): If you use cream of chicken soup multiple times a week, then maybe find one with whole food ingredients rather than msg and vegetable oil.

If your kids eat fruit snacks daily, maybe find one without the artifical colors and one made from whole fruits.

If your kids eat crackers daily, maybe find one not made from gmo products or glyphosate.

2️⃣For instance (the items contributing to an illness): If you’re dealing with adhd, maybe find snacks without the artificial dyes that are colored with whole foods instead.

If you’re dealing with heart issues, maybe replace the foods that contain trans fats.

If you’re dealing with bloating and stomach issues, maybe replace the items with artificial sweeteners and unnecessary fillers.

If you’re dealing with high blood pressure, maybe look at how salty some of your foods are and what salt they are using.

3️⃣For instance (replacing with a better choice when you run out): When that ketchup with high fructose corn syrup runs out, maybe buy one without.

When the syrup with no real food ingredients run out, maybe replace with 100% maple syrup.
?REMEMBER every little change helps on your health journey. You don’t need to do it all at once. Baby steps with changes lead to life long changes rather than sprinting in some fad that is over tomorrow. Your body will thank you for every little change.

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