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Which Milk is the Healthiest?

Which milk is the healthiest?  That depends on you and your needs.

For instance:
A baby and toddler need fat.  So almond milk is probably not the best choice.
A diabetic watches their carbs.  So hemp and rice milk are probably not the best choice.
Someone on an anti inflammatory diet shouldn’t have cows milk.
You get the point 🙂

Why the swaps above:
Generic Milk – possible hormones, antibiotics, gmo feed
Almond and Oat milk – glyphosate, sugar added, natural flavors, gums and emulsifiers

Better options shown: organic so without the glyphosate but, nut milks sill have gums and emulsifiers
Best options shown:  organic so without the glyphosate and no gums and emulsifiers

Some tips:
1️⃣Almonds and oats are commonly sprayed with glyphosate (the main ingredient in Round Up weed killer).  The word organic tells you they have not been sprayed with glyphosate.

2️⃣Many soy milks are make from gmo soy that has been sprayed with glyphosate.  Organic soy will not have gmo soy or glyphosate.

3️⃣Many plant milks are filled with gums, fillers, flavors, and preservatives.  Almond milk needs just almonds and water.

4️⃣For cows milk, organic means the cows were not given gmo feed, hormones, or antibiotics.  Grass-fed means they’ve been out on the pasture grazing, like cows have done for thousands of years.  Grassfed milk also has more vitamins, minerals, and CLA than regular milk.

5️⃣For cows milk, whole milk has 183mg of omega 3s, and skim milk has 2.5 mg of omega 3s.  We need omega 3s to help lower inflammation, help create/support hormone, brain health, and more.(1)

6️⃣Calcium can be found in other foods.

Interesting info:
Researchers from Emory University tested organic and conventional milk from grocery store shelves from 9 regions across the US. They found that growth hormone residues in conventional milk were 20 times higher than that of organic. And current pesticides and antibiotics were not found in the organic samples. (2)

Unfortunately I can’t evaluate every brand out there.  So use the tips above to make the choice that’s best for you and your needs.


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