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Why Do I Care?

I said….
Well the answer is different as to who you believe I’m teaching.

As a mother teaching…
I teach my children to be kind to others. To be forgiving. To be honest in all their doings. To be respectful to their teachers. To try their best. To work hard. To be law abiding good citizens. And so much more, but why?

Because I want them to grow up with traits that allow them to live their best life possible.

But, I also believe that living their best life possible entails feeling healthy. So it’s my job as a mother to teach them how nutrition nourishes and heals their body.
It’s my job to teach them what will help their immune systems ward off the viruses best.
It’s my job to teach them what will help their mental health best.
It’s my job to teach them what will make them feel their possible best so they can go out and live their best life in a world full of challenges and illnesses.

As for teaching others…
I almost took my life due to being in a place of deep, dark hopelessness. The doctor I found that helped me heal from depression, saved my life. She gave me back a life of immense hope and light.

If I can help just one person know that there is hope. That there is healing. That there is a way to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Then this is all worth it and that’s why I care. That’s why I care to educate.

I cringe at the thought of almost losing my life. All because my hormones were off. My inflammation was out of control. My body wasn’t absorbing vitamins correctly. My organs weren’t functioning properly and more. Those were fixable. Taking your life is not fixable. I want people to know there are solutions out there!

That’s why I care and that’s why I’ll keep educating

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