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Why “Get Healthier” for 2020 won’t work…

By January 7, 2020No Comments

What? Don’t get healthier in 2020?

According to US News and World Report about 80% of people don’t keep their resolutions. By February many resolutions are forgotten and not even worked on anymore.


Because they are unattainable, unmeasurable, and too generic without an exact ending spot to know if it’s been achieved or not.

That’s the case with “Get healthier”. How is that attainable? You could work on that your whole life, always educating and improving. How is that measurable? And how do you know if you’ve actually achieved that goal by the end of 2020?

Instead pick 1, 2, or maybe 3 specific health items to achieve in 2020.

Here are Some Examples:

✨Switch out all your all purpose cleaners to non toxic cleaners.
✨Replace all body lotion and face lotion to ones without phthalates and formaldehyde releasors. Finding ones you like might take a few tries.
✨Find all items in your house with artificial dyes, and replace them with the brands made without the artificial dyes.
✨Learn where and how to buy a grassfed cow in your area.
✨Learn how to use natural yeast in your cooking.
✨Find a better choice shampoo and conditioner to use for you and your family.
✨Soak and sprout your beans for cooking rather than using canned beans.
✨Switch to dryer balls and a non toxic laundry detergent.

✨✨More ideas are pictured above. The list could go on and on!

I’ve done this method for the past 13 years and it’s what has kept me on a continuous health journey that is not too overwhelming, but one where I know I’m constantly learning and improving.


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