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Why Switch Out Your Dish Soap? Plus 20% Discount!

By January 16, 20202 Comments

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At my house, I’ve got little kids wanting to help with the dishes (purely to play with the bubbles and water?). Teenagers doing dishes as part of their chores. And either my husband or me scrubbing the gross ones or finishing up dishes.

That means I’ve got people in my home:

??Breathing in the chemicals from the soap while they are washing.
??Kids hands soaking in the suds while playing and remember your skin is your largest organ.
??And when my teenage boys clean, soap residue may be left on the dishes ? that you might ingest.

And MY problem with dish soap:

It’s tricky finding a good dish soap. A lot look like they should be a good choice, just to find out they have ?? ingredients.

It’s tricky because many times dish soaps don’t list the ingredients on the bottle so you have to do some searching on the internet to really know what’s in them. What a pain while you’re shopping! I found this frustrating and annoying.

So I finally found a soap that I like that has good ingredients and asked if I could team up with them. That’s why I’m sharing Puracy dish soap with you. It’s one I found that I love! You can get 20% off (automatically applied at checkout) when you click HERE.

Here are some tips when trying to find a better dish soap:

1️⃣Avoid ones with artificial dyes
2️⃣Avoid ones with artificial fragrances (phthalates).
3️⃣ Look for plant based surfactants & cleansers (doesn’t always mean its great)
4️⃣Look for ones that are safe for the environment (doesn’t always mean its great). Avoid Methylisothiazolinone.
5️⃣Avoid ones that use petrochemicals or phosphates
6️⃣Avoid ones that use Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

Looking closer at SLES, a byproduct of creating Sodium Laureth Sulfate results in 1,4 dioxane. Because it is a byproduct, this is not something that will be on the product label. 1,4 dioxane is listed by the EPA as a “likely human carcinogen”. To avoid this, look for a dish detergent that doesn’t contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate (1)

Have you already made the switch to a non-toxic dish soap? Tell me about your experience in the comments! And don’t forget to get 20% off Puracy products HERE.

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